116 Declaring the list of 2017’s best Mini bongs for safer smoking

There is no better news for smokers than the news that an alternate method for safer smoking is available and Stoner’s Zone has recently announced reviews of mini bongs which have made great hit in the online market as well as at many stores. The reviews given out by the site is said to deal with the best 11 mini bongs which have hold the highest position of favoritism owning to its durability and service. According to experts it has been stated that when dealing with mini bongs the durability should be tested, the pipe checked for its well built characteristics, easiness of carrying around, beauty, etc.

Marked on the list of the 11 top mini bongs is seen the Micro Bong with Bubble Base and Bent Neck, which comes with 7 inch and 14.5mm found joint and 4.3 inch down stem length. This bong is being designed for providing cooler hit. The next is the Stereo to J-Hook Barrel Perc Water Pipe with duel chamber design for filtration and percolation. Glass Mini Bong with 10mm Male Joint also comes in the list as it offers heat resistant glass handle with the ability for keeping water cleaner for longer. Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe comes at 7 inches tall and 90 14mm male joint and mouthpiece with airtight seal with clear glass. Also in the list is the Small Glass Bong with Angled Mouthpiece, it is 4.7 inch and generates good amount of smoke. The Mini Barrel to Swiss Perc Water Pipe is also another with 8 inch tall and 90 14mm female joint and consist of corrosion resistant. Small Glass Bong with Rimmed Mouthpiece comes with a great grip and a complemented beauty which has owned itself its position in the list. The Mini Glass Egg Bong has a 6 inch egg shaped bong with removable down stem and is easy to clean. Also in the list is the Black Glass Mini Bong Deluxe Gift Set with 2.8 inches height and 20cm * 12 cm * 5 cm size. Mini Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe with 14mm female joint and Glass Straight Mini Ice Bong for a cooler hit are also listed on the best mini bongs available. For more information please go to http://stonerszone.com/mini-bongs/


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