94 EPYC unveils the new HD Pulse action camera

In a fresh launch from EPYC the audio and video gadget manufacturing company has unveiled their latest product, the HD Pulse action camera for the outdoor adventure shooting. It has been claimed that the product will be available for sale on the company’s official website epycsound.com.


Sharing vital information about this new product, the company’s spokesperson maintained, “Our new Pulse action camera has been designed for all the adventure lovers who love to shoot videos while out in the wild, in land or water. The camera comes equipped with 16 Megapixel and a 2 inch LCD display to view all the videos as they get recorded. Another very significant feature that can be found in the camera is the built-in app compatible Wi-fi which can be very useful to connect it with other devices.”


The spokesperson also talked about the Pulse’s waterproof capabilities and revealed that the camera can be used underwater up to 100 feet deep without getting damaged.


He further added, “There are so many brilliant features in the Pulse action camera and its ability to shoot 4K ultra high definition videos at 2160p certainly ups its level. Not only that, videos can be recorded seamlessly with the 170 mm wide angle lens. Other notable features can be the slow motion and time lapse functions.”


According to sources the Pulse HD action camera is the first of EPYC’s venture into the video platform as the company primarily makes audio devices like Bluetooth speakers, woofers, and so on.


Later on the spokesperson also passed on the information that the Pulse action camera will be available at a cost of $149.99. Moreover, he added the camera will come with accessories like helmet mount, arm control, waterproof case, bike and car mounts, and finally a micro USB cable. For more details please visit https://epycsound.com/


About EPYC


It is a new brand that specializes in portable audio and video devices such as Bluetooth speakers, home theaters, headsets as well as action cameras and accessories. Almost all of their products exhibit unique design in addition to durability, versatility and above all quality performance.


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