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hellomd.com, a leading online healthcare site that offers complete information on medical cannabis, its products and uses has recently announced the launch of its newest collection of cannabis strains. The site has also provided comprehensive information about the benefits of cannabis strains for relieving pain. according to the information provided at the site, cannabis strains has been considered to be effective for relieving different kinds chronic pain symptoms such as muscle soreness, fibromyalgia or spinal injury, inflammation, migraine and a lot more. In addition, a growing number of medical organizations have recognized the benefits of medical marijuana for relieving pain. A number of studies acknowledge marijuana’s effectiveness for pain management.

Recently a clinical study was conducted involving a number of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and neuropathic pain. Results of this clinical study have proven the use of medical marijuana to be effective for reliving the symptoms of these medical conditions.

The information provided at the site has also revealed that medical cannabis is based on two species of marijuana namely sativa and indica. Cannabis strains are formulated by breeding and cross breeding these two species in order to get a chemical composition suitable for different types of medical condition. The site further added that different medical conditions respond best to different toes of cannabis strains.

The site has also revealed that cannabis strains having a higher percentage of cannabis compounds; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), are most effective for relieving pain. This is the reason why Blueberry Kush, a hybrid strain which features dark green buds and blueberry aroma, has been popularly used for relieving chronic pain. The site added that Auto White Widow is also widely used for relieving generalized pain.

The site has also provided a list of cannabis strains for treating different types of medical condition. Readers can find all the details by visiting the site.  For more information please visit https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/cannabis-strains-for-different-kinds-of-pain

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Hellomd.com is a premier online healthcare platform for the cannabis industry. The site also offers a wide range of medical cannabis products along with complete information about the products including its benefits, uses and side effects. The site also features telehealth service through which patients can connect to the site’s certified doctor. The telehealth service allows patients to get legal marijuana recommendation card and id from the physicians based on their medical grounds.


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