66 Katane fantasy swords from The Lord of The Rings movie launched at Katana

Italian shopping site dealing with varied kinds of movie and fantasy weapons, objects and memorabilia Katana has recently updated their online store with Katane fantasy swords from the well-known Hollywood movie series The Lord of The Rings. It may be revealed that with the addition of the swords the store has not only expanded their products catalog but also enhanced their movie-specific products cabinet.


A representative of the store maintained that the new fantasy sword now available for sale can be seen in the movie The Lord of The Rings and was famously used by Narsil of Aragon. Offering more details about the sword, the representative added, “The sword is a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather and is made of steel with eleven incisions. It has been specifically designed to be used as a specimen item or showpiece.”


He also maintained on the fact that there has been a growing interest in number of people towards collection of collectible items and objects used in famous movies and series’. The representative added that the store offers collectible items from other movies like Kill Bill, Last Samurai, Z-Hunter, Assassin’s Creed, and so on.


“We are looking to bring in more items and products from other Katane films and movies”, reiterated the representative.


Recent surveys reveal that Japanese Katana swords are very popular with people influenced by Japanese movies and Manga. These weapons seem to have become more and more admirable with their use in Hollywood movies and Japanese samurai films. Mostly regarded as decorative items these swords, weapons and gears are collected by people for exhibiting class and a sense of inclination towards the Japanese style of samurai combat action.


Later on the representative reminded that the new Narsil fo Aragon swords will be available in limited stock and hence encouraged shopper to make haste. For more details please go to http://www.katana.cc/



About Katana


It is an online Italian shopping site that deals in the sale of katanas, films, collectibles, swords, manga, etc. Visitors to the site can find and shop items seen in popular movies like swords, knives, daggers, helmets, armor, and other similar weapons and gears. As of now, the site deals only in shipping within the Italian territory.


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