123 Latest Android Pokémon Sun and Moon received with high anticipation from international gamers

The leading international game Pokémon has recently announced its launch of the much anticipated games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The Android version was the first to release the launch, making a worldwide sweep in just a matter of hours following its unveiling. Market trends also show a massive participation for android device users as opposed to the others.


The huge success for the Android version is because of the return of the island challenge along with other new ones. The additional new Trial has been making positive reviews among a major portion of its international players. The latest version is designed in such a way that while navigating through the usual island challenge, gamers will be confronted with a new set of troubles that involve the popularly loved Pokémon Necrozma. The introduction of mysterious characters to meet the trainers is a much debated topic in the media because it means more dangers in the already notorious Alola region. It has introduced more than 400 Pokémon, which were initially not available in the older version. It has also been reported that not all 400 of them are available in all versions. Some will only appear on certain versions of the game used by the individual. This means the new Manectric that appears in Pokémon ultra moon is found in the same patch of tall grass as Houndoom in Pokémon Sun. The brand new Mantine Surf allows both the Pokémon sun and moon games to ride the waves in the vast ocean. Another new addition on the list is the Alola Photo Club, which allow trainers the liberty to take photos together with their character and pick from a variety of backgrounds, trainer outfits, camera angles, poses, etc. With top notch communication features, the photos can also be shared with other players. For more information please go to http://pokemonsunandmoonformobile.com

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