130 Medical billing on modifiers 76 sensitized for repeat procedures by same physician

With medical billing cpt modifiers, procedure codes have been evaluated and managed by billing modifiers. Some of the recent examples of procedure codes include Modifier 59, Modifier 25, Modifier 51, Modifier 76, Modifier 57, Modifier 26 & TC. The HCPCS Modifier concerning surgery, radiology and emergency are some of the most current concerns about correct usage in the market.

The modifier 76 is now currently used to report the service whenever the same procedure has been performed on the same patient by the same physician. This is indicated when the information is either on the same day of the previous procedure that has been done or even when the global period is done. With the help of the modifier, the individual is able to discern that the payer is not using a duplicate bill. To ensure that the same procedure was performed twice, individuals need to use the same procedure code over and over again for the purpose. It is commonly used in diagnostic tests or procedures. Medical necessities are further required to be indicated in the operative report when the procedure is repeated again. In most cases, it has been revealed that payers decrease their payment for repeat procedures like this. A common trend in all places of the world is that medicare and other payers always pay for the specific physicians mentioned in a group of the same kind of speciality. This makes them consider as if the physicians are one and the same. The modifier 76 is therefore the most used bill procedure for specialists who perform the same kind of procedure for a repeated number of times. Since the opportunities for most of the providers outside of the VA system have expanded, many use it to meet their demands. Additionally, they also offer their services to veterans and VAs. For more information please visit http://www.medicalbillingcptmodifiers.com/2010/11/repeat-procedures-modifiers-76-77.html


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