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Citibank is among the most popular multi-national banks in operation today. It was established in 1812 by Citigroup. The bank has its headquarters in the city of New York and also has various branches in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Even though Citibank suffered a devastating crash back in 2009, the bank recovered smartly from the worst situation and is back with a bang again and is now considered among the world’s largest banks.


Reports indicate that the various branch offices and ATMs of Citibank can be found using the online search website ‘Near Me Miner’. Besides helping to find a Citibank which is located nearby, it also reportedly helps to find or discover local businesses, various professional services and brands or stores in any given locality. A visit to their website shows that Near Me Miner also provides reviews of various business establishments and one can also make reservations for various appointments using the site’s booking options.


A blog given on the site informs that users just need to select the search category from the given list and the site will provide assistance in connecting or finding the required service location. However, it confirmed that one has to create an account with the website in order to access the services. Reports shows that with the help of the Citi locator Bank and ATM provided by ‘Near Me Miner’, users can easily and conveniently find the Citibank branch which is nearby or nearest to the user.


Reportedly, users can also view numerous pins on the Google map while opening and searching for a nearby Citibank online. A user can thus locate the nearest branch in his/her locality. In addition to locating a nearby Citibank branch, the map also provides other details like the local number, operation/working hours, and the address. Finally, if the user is going to drive to the nearby branch, then Near Me Miner also provides direction buttons for the shortest route to the said bank.  For more information please go to http://www.nearmeminer.com/citibank-near-me/


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It is an online search website. It helps in locating local businesses, various professional services and brands or stores which are nearby a user. One has to register with the website in order to use the services.


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