98 Poke FPV headless drones set to outsell its costlier counterparts in the market

It is reported that the number of sales for drones have hit an all time high during the past months. Consumers are willing to invest in the product for its versatility, compact design and quality.

Market research experts have revealed that the sales have hit an increasing trend after the launch of the poke FPV. A word play for a pocket friendly First Person View, the ready-to-fly drone has been able to wow the consumer market for its ability to be used in the indoor space as well as the racing course. The brushed and compact quadcopter has been designed for durability. Its low maintenance and cost effective operation has been few of the major factors why it has outsold its costlier and bigger counterparts in the market. As a modern day sport that is fast taking over the world, indoor drone racing is also possible only with poke FPV. Although it is currently shipped worldwide as an RTF quad, customers have also been given the liberty to add optional accessories in their order. This will offer an expanded set of better functionalities. Additional accessories during the race has been able to deliver memorable flight experience that is unmatched to none. Although flown indoors, users can actually let it fly to as far as 10 meters without losing connection. It gives the operator the control to fly it in many different orientations in any kind of indoor space. Although weighing only 0.88 ounces in flight, the drone can actually carry about 4.8 ounces of shipping. In addition to its use for racing course it also offers an FPV camera that offers the capability to capture HD videos while also taking HD photos all at the same time. Unique to its costlier counterparts is its headless function that has allowed operators to fly in any given direction. For more information please go to http://www.pokefpvdrone.com


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