133 Renown blogger speaks out for authentically handcrafted dreamcatcher as a way to preserve Native American culture

Dreamcatcher has become one of the most recognized trinkets available today. To most people, a dreamcatcher is a decorative item, however to people belonging to the Native American culture; a dreamcatcher is more than a trinket to them. It is a way of preserving their culture and tradition.

Culture-exchange is an online blog that is educating the people on the history and origin of dream catcher in an effort to preserve and conserve the rich heritage of the Native American cultures. It is reported that dreamcatcher is a popular trinket today and is used as give-away gifts in many occasions and events. As per popular trend, dream catcher makes an ideal gift, however, not many people are aware of its history and origin. Culture-exchange.blog has compiled several stories of the Native Americans’ dreamcatcher legend to provide the historical relevance and importance it had on the native people. As per the stories published on the blog, dreamcatchers are meant to catch any bad dreams or bad omen and protect the people. It is reported that different tribes have slightly different variations of the origin and history of dreamcatchers.

Culture-exchange.blog is dedicated to making the people aware of the forgotten past and to help people to reconnect with their origins and identity.  The historical and cultural importance of dreamcatchers has been forgotten by the present generation, however, efforts are made by different organizations and individuals to preserve and conserve the rich heritage of the Native Americans. The blog page also encourages people from different ethnic backgrounds from different parts of the world to showcase their cultural heritage in the form of art, folktales, history, religion, etc. The culture-exchange.blog also provides a platform for small-time authentic handcraft artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their products. Authentic handicrafts such as tapestries, beadworks, incenses, musical instruments etc. are available for purchase. For  more information kindly visit https://culture-exchange.blog/dream-catcher-history-legend-origins/

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Culture-exchange.blog is a unique blog that is trying to preserve and spread awareness on different cultural heritages in the world in the form of folktales, history, arts, etc. The blog aims to remind the people of the lost or forgotten world.


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