112 Simple Steps for Creating a Gmail Account

Gmail which is a web-based email platform was introduced in 2004 by Google. It is a free service and only an internet connection is required for accessing Gmail. Today, having an email account has become necessary to do any various kinds of works online. It is convenient and easy to use. Analysis has shown that there are many sites providing email services but reportedly, Google is the most popular provider. Reports indicate that Gmail has millions of people signing up accounts worldwide due to the ease with which one can create Gmail accounts.


Simple steps are required to be followed in order to create a Gmail account. According to an online tutorial, one has to first go to the Gmail page that is, mail.google.com. After that, select ‘Create Account’ button and the sign up form will pop up. Personal information such as name, gender, and date of birth is required. One will need to choose a Gmail account username. This is necessary for creating an email address which is unique like ‘username@gmail.com’. Reports confirm that Gmail informs if the username is available and Google will suggest available names.


The tutorial suggests keeping the username bland or using an established pattern if the account will be used for business purpose. Doing so will make the account more professional and will also allow the contacts to locate the address easily and will reduce the chance of the email from being incorrectly flagged as a spam. Gmail require that new users should create unique passwords to secure the accounts. Google will explain that one should choose a password which is at least 8 characters long for more security. One has to re-enter the password to confirm it.


The ‘Your Current email Address’ field should be filled if one has an account associated with a different email provider as it is used for recovering the password. Gmail asks for phone number so as to complete the process of registration. While this may cause privacy concerns for many users, Google informs that this is aimed to help the users to reset or retrieve the account information and also to enable it to inform the user on any suspicious hacking. The last step reportedly requires users to select their current location and to review and accept Google’s Service terms and privacy policy.  For more information please go to https://newmailaccount.org/gmail/create-gmail-account/


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