132 STIGA releases new shock dispersion technology paddles for more speed and control

The much-awaited STIGA table tennis rackets have hit the stores today. The new shock dispersion technology used in the latest STIGA paddles absorbs vibration which gives players more speed and provides more control. The paddles are expected to go out of stock within the first week.

In table tennis world, STIGA is the most recognized brand and is synonymous with quality and top class performance. It is reported that STIGA paddles are sought- after by players and it is the most preferred choice of paddles by players during Tournaments. The latest STIGA shock dispersion paddles will improve players’ performance by providing speed and giving players more control over the paddle. As per reviews by atabletennisracket.com, a renowned website for everything that is ping-pong, STIGA paddles are manufactured using the latest technologies to enhance players’ performances.  It has been reported that customers rely on the website’s table tennis rackets reviews to make their choices when it comes to buying the right paddle. The atabletennisrackets website reviews the top ping-pong paddles available in the market and gives detail descriptions and unbiased reviews on the best ping-pong rackets. The website also provides links to online shopping sites where you can purchase the paddle. This added feature of the website also draws more table tennis lovers to the site.

As per the current market trend, STIGA Evolution Table Tennis racket tops the sales followed by STIGA Pro-carbon Table Tennis racket which is another top-selling paddle by STIGA. It is preferred by players who want speed as well as enhance spin. The nano-composite technology used in this paddle is perfect for players to show-off their spinning skills. Killerspin paddles are another option, especially suitable for players looking for power and precise placement. The carbon technology used in paddles by Slyspin and its impressive paddle casing attracts customers.  For more information please visit http://atabletennisracket.com/best-ping-pong-paddle/


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