124 Table Tennis reports increased players among Western fans, adding to more sales in the market

Table Tennis is reportedly becoming a popular sport in America as per the latest data. More and more youngsters are joining the sport because of so many added benefits. According to a research conducted by a team of university scholars, it is said that young people initially join the sport because it helps in keeping them fit and incurs minimal injury as compared to other sports.

The country’s market is now booming with the demand and sale of beginner table tennis bats. The leading blog called table tennis sport has broken down the product to simple components so that the new buyer will be able to understand what they should look for the next time they visit the store. Most buyers are reportedly not aware of how to differentiate the two components of blade and rubber. The blade itself includes two different kinds of styles known as shake hand and penhold. The Western market sells more of the Shake hand design because of the popular demand in the region. However, it is reported that the Asian players prefer the penhold design to the former. Beginners are recommended to steer clear of the bats with hollow in the middle. This is because the plastic moulded bat offers little to no grip on the surface, making the new player suffers. Some of the top recommended models by the blog include the Killerspin JET 800, Stiga Pro Carbon, Palio Expert 2, Stiga Evolution, Atemi Pro Line 2000 Table Tennis Racket, and Butterfly 8826 Timo Boll Table Tennis Racket. With so many confused questions among customers as to which table tennis bat is better and which one is of low quality, market experts have revealed a very simple solution to it. Unlike other products, it has been widely said by experts that price is the easiest determiner of the quality of the bat.  For more information please go to https://www.tabletennisspot.com/table-tennis-bats-beginners-guide/


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