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Kukri also referred to as Khukuri is a knife which has an inwardly curved blade which possesses an ancient look added to its value as a home knife collection. The tool acts as a weapon in Nepal and is significant for its importance as the Country’s tradition besides gaining its specific influence in the army line in Nepalese and the Indian Army. As per the records, Kukri comes in different kind which consists of the leather head-forged kukri, condor tools and knives knife, Gurkha kukri knife, etc.

With the increasing popularity of Kukri, Tacticaltoolguide.com announces the list and reviews for the best Kukri knives, making it easier for the clients to achieve the best quality Kukri Knife. The site conducts researches through experts and professionals and user review while exploring every niche, cross-references to information, etc. As per the declaration of the site, the top three best Kukris are the Genuine Leather Head-forged kukri which is famous as an outdoor knife and mostly uses by professional Gurkha soldiers and comes with 15 inches and is highly portable. The second is the Condor Tools and knives leather Khukuri knife which is sharp, although simple. It is ten inches with a firm grip and 8mm 1075 carbon steel which is durable and lasting. In the third position is the Genuine Gurkha kukri knife which offers cutting power and stability. It is found in 10 inches and based on its size and portability; is best for camping trips. The bonus of the site is that it comes with two smaller knives, the Karda and Chakmak which are also of top quality. For more information please go to http://tacticaltoolguide.com/

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