10 Tonalin CLA from Solgar now available for purchase from plante-medicinale.net

Online retailers of herbal medicines and healthcare products plante-medicinale.net have recently unveiled a list of products on their website among which includes the Tonalin CLA manufactured by Solgar. As per information gained from one of the representatives of the website, the Tonalin CLA comprising of 60 1330mg softgels will be available at a price of 138.39 Lei which converts to around 34.43 USD.


According to the representative, “Tonalin CLA is a patented form of Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is derived from safflower oil, a natural produce that is rich in essential fatty acids. This food supplement has been proven to play supportive role in regulating body composition, immunity as well as bone health. The product can bring positive changes to body weight and reduce excess body fat by way of controlling blood sugar levels. The softgels can be consumed along with regular exercise and a healthy diet routine for maximum benefit.”


He also maintained that dosage instructions were also posted on the website. He added, “There has also been some other new product launches as well such as Protocol for Weight Loss, Reduced Glutathione, Forte Admagra, AHCC Plus Provita, and so on.”


It may be noted that the health industry has seen a growth in the sale of food supplements as they can help deliver the needed results without undergoing surgeries or other complicated and lengthy treatment procedures. However, not all of the products available on the market today be confirmed of their quality and efficiency. As such consumers are being recommended to use products made of only natural ingredients and those that can guarantee assured results under a specific timeframe.


Later, the representative commented, “The Tonalin CLA is suggested only for adults and strictly prohibited for children. The supplement is also not prescribed for pregnant women or those people who are experiencing a medical condition may consumer after proper consultation with a doctor.” For more details go to http://plante-medicinale.net/


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